CONFESSION BOX: Daughter broke bond of trust by shoplifting

My 14-year-old daughter was caught shoplifting.

She had stolen some make-up and I was called to the shop to pick her up.

The shop decided not to press charges, which I was so grateful for.

I couldn't believe it, firstly because she is just not the type of child to steal and, secondly, she doesn't wear make-up.

My children are well looked after and my husband and I have an open and honest relationship with them.

I cannot tell you how sad, hurt and embarrassed I am. We discussed the incident with her and she said it was just a stupid mistake.

She added that she wanted to try out the lipstick and she did not see this as a serious matter because it is something so small. She has broken the trust I had in her and I am battling to forgive her.



I have no doubt that your daughter got the fright of her life when she was caught shoplifting and I understand that, as a parent, you might feel like a failure.

You and your husband need to reinforce how serious stealing is and the awful consequences. Take her to a police station and ask an officer to show her what a holding cell looks like.

If she should continue to steal then I would suggest you take her to a child psychologist for an evaluation. Speak to her about trust and how she will have to earn back your trust.