Always a good idea to just wig it

Hlubi Mboya. Picture credit:
Hlubi Mboya. Picture credit:

Let's face it, synthetic hair is here to stay!

While some women might choose to take the natural route with their hair, many women out there cannot imagine life without a wig or a weave. That said, choosing the right kind of wig can be a struggle for some.

Hairstylist Gillian Chirara walks us through how to get the best weave and wig.

"Wigs have become a must-have accessory. They come in handy on those bad hair days, when you just want a different look or when you are just feeling adventurous. A few things to consider when choosing a wig are getting the right length, affordability, and your complexion," she says.


- Oval faces are known as the perfect face shape because they can handle a variety of wig styles. Oval faces with high foreheads can pull off long, straight wigs and short, curly wigs.

- Narrow-faced women look stunning in shorter or medium length wigs. Wavy or curly wigs that don't cover their ears and that are off their faces are ideal for this face shape.

- Square-faced women should opt for wigs that soften their look. Get a wig that will fall just under the jaw line, like a bob or a wig that will fall just on the jaw line.

- Rectangular faces require wigs that will provide width to their faces, so avoid long hair. Instead, go fuller, with bigger volume, wavy or even bouncy curls.

- Triangular faces require wigs that have volume and lots of curls. Long hair suits this face shape.


"Darker women should opt for dark coloured wigs. Bold and bright colours just look unflattering. Definitely stay away from anything blonde," Chirara says.

"Lighter skinned women can be more adventurous with the colour of their wigs because they can go dark if they choose to or they can go brown with copper highlights to achieve a softer look."


"The best wig texture is the one made from 100% human hair, which can be styled, washed and handle a curling iron. This type of texture is relatively more on the expensive side. But even if you get a cheaper wig, the best way to get away with it is making sure that it looks as close to the real thing as possible.

"Wigs start looking cheap when you start applying sprays and oils that make them look shiny."


"Normally people just wear the wig on top of their hair, which is wrong. Wigs are worn with a wig cap inside or a pantyhose. Normally I cut the leg of my old panty hose and put it on to flatten my natural hair."