CONFESSION BOX: Show kids the right way

Family feud Picture: Stock image
Family feud Picture: Stock image

My sister and I are in our 30s. We are both married with children.

We had the most awful fight at Christmas last year. We both had a bit too much to drink that night.

We haven't spoken since. This has affected everyone in the family, including our children.

My mother is heartbroken and the children all miss each other. My sister was extremely rude. She certainly won't apologise as she is very stubborn.

I feel she crossed a line and said I would never speak to her again unless she apologised. So much time has passed that it is difficult to know how to make this right.

Distraught, Orlando

I understand the difficulties you are experiencing, with trying to mend the broken relationship with your sister.

It takes courage, but perhaps it is time for you to be the stronger, better person and make the first move.

Everyone in the family is suffering and your mother certainly does not deserve this treatment from her children.

Stop all the negative feelings even if you feel strongly that she is to blame for all the unhappiness.

Start talking to her but don't bring up the past. Don't use a cellphone to do this but rather make it personal.

She may not be ready to forgive and forget yet. If she isn't ready, give her the time she needs.

It does not matter who was right or wrong. The only important thing is to get over what happened and reconcile.

Show your children the right way to correct mistakes and misunderstanding in life.