Soweto Camp Festival

What better way to celebrate Easter than camping in Soweto while enjoying music, fashion and heritage for five days around a lively crowd.

The Soweto Camp Festival, in its fifth year will host thousands of campers at Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers in Orlando West. Although the festival is all fun and play, it serves as a great platform for young local entrepreneurs to cater for a large market.

A good festival takes care of its patrons by providing a variety of stages, so does the Camp Festival which will have a hip hop stage, house and a Reggae/Dance Hall stage. But the performers will be made up of upcoming raw talent.

Some patrons might find it rather sceptical to go to camp with fears of safety but one of the events organisers Khomotso Mthembu squashed all fear and says there will be 24 hour security. “They'll be security throughout the course of the camp,” she said.

The performances will be the whole day until around 2am but Mthembu says they'll still be entertainment and fun. “People will be chilling and camping around the fire. Some people will want to sleep during the night,” said Mthembu.

The organisers say the purpose of the event is to introduce the culture of camping to Soweto in a unique way that is filled with lots of entertainment and outdoor experiences; one of them being the Africa Koucher Fashoin Show. Featuring various designers this will present itself as a platform for young local designers to showcase and sell their creations to a diverse culture of people who’ll be in attendance.