Open letter to L’vovo Derrango, DJ Merlon and DJ Shimza

DJ Shimza
DJ Shimza

I would firstly like to congratulate the Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command (EFFSC) for winning Student Representative Council (SRC) Elections in Turfloop.

When one win elections it is a culture that they celebrate victory through an event, to share with the majority of the people who voted for them.

And in this case the EFFSC hired an independent service provider to organize their event including booking musicians and deejays to perform.

To my surprise some of the artists refused to perform on the event because they realized that they are booked for an EFF event.

To my understanding such act from these artists is a highest form of discrimination towards the revolutionary movement, its members and supporters.

We know, love and support these artists purely because of their talent, the talent that they were God given, and the talent that they never received from any political party.

It makes no difference which political party you affiliate in or support but as an entertainer your duty is to entertain and when booked you must go and fulfil your duties.

It is quite disturbing that the likes of L’vovo Derrango were crying foul that Dj Nutty Nys is discriminating against their music on Metro FM but the same L’vovo Derrango is discriminating against EFF members/supporters when it suit him.

What is he saying to the EFF members/supporters that made him who he is by supporting his music (albums & events), what is he saying about EFF members/supporters that are voting for him to win music awards.

A close friend of mine in Kwa-Zulu Natal is saying L’vovo Derrango is a staunch member of ANC and has ANC background from Varsity through SASCO but to me those are political credentials not entertainment credentials.

When a musician of his caliber is booked it’s done on the entertainment credentials and nothing else. If he can’t perform for EFF members/supporters then why should those members/supporters continue to support him and his music?

Dj Merlon of the “Koze Kuse” national anthem was a ‘nobody’ not so long ago, he was truly an unknown, and he was a provincial deejay. Through his talent he produced a killer tune that was supported countrywide including EFF members/supporters.

Today because he’s big enough to get a call from Luthuli House to come perform on high profile ANC events, he suddenly forgetting that he is an entertainer not a politician.

Dj Shimza won Deejays competition called “The next big thing”. Dj Shimza is a founder of an event called “One Man Show”. Dj Shimza is a founder of an event called “The Easter Deejay Festival” and all those were and still successful because of his supporters/fans.

Did it ever cross his mind that EFF members/supporters are amongst those who love and support him unconditionally, irrespective of his political affiliation?

Musicians and Deejays must put it in their thick skulls that they are successful because of their God-given talents, they are successful because of their supporters/fans and it is not through their political affiliation.

When you are good, you are good and you will be supported based on your work not who you support politically.

Last year a Hip-Hop artist, Ifani was booked for the ANC “Siyanqoba Rally” at FNB Stadium, he went and performed at the “DA Rally” in Coca Cola Dome a day before and he was denied entry at FNB Stadium the following day just because he performed in a DA event, and that is just discrimination because artists are service providers and they should do that without fear or favour.

When Orlando Pirates FC book an artists for an event, does it mean that artist is an Orlando Pirates supporter? No, but the artist is at work, grinding to pay bills.

The likes of L’vovo Derrango, Dj Merlon and Dj Shimza must always remember that they are entertainers not politicians. Their credentials are purely based on entertainment not their political affiliation.

They must never discriminate against their fans/supporters who have a different political affiliation because that will limit the success of their careers. If they don’t like EFF that much, they must create stickers for their events & albums written “No EFF Members Allowed”.

The likes of Bucie and Mandla Spikiri performed in the EFFSC event because they understand the type of business they are in and their obligation as entertainers.

It is quite clear that our artists are still under oppression even post-apartheid due to the unfair conduct of the ruling party; their freedom of association is limited.

Let’s love our country more than we love our political parties and understand the impact of our decisions in the societies that we live in.

One day EFF will rule KZN, L’vovo & Dj Merlon and One day EFF will rule Ekurhuleni, Dj Shimza.

Yours truly, Zuma Wa EFF

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