Epic online shopping fail

I'm sure we've all had moments where you see an amazing outfit in a store or on some gorgeous celebrity but once you actually try it on in the changing room, you realise that either the colour or the shape isn't flattering at all.

Fortunately, at that point you can take the clothing off and find something else or just leave the store without a negative bank balance.

Unfortunately, this Chinese online shopper didn't have the luxury of trying the dress on before buying it.

According to Daily Mail, she saw Thor actress Jaime Alexander wear the dress on the red carpet and purchased an exact copy online.

The gown features top-to-bottom see-through panels on the front and back of the dress which leaves very little to the imagination.

The shopper's hopes and expectations were dashed after trying the dress on only to discover it looked nothing like it did on the model advertising it or on actress Jaimie Alexander.

Most actresses have dresses custom made or tailored to fit their body type. Some have even admitted to being stitched into their evening gowns.

Let this be a lesson to you. Never wear clothes that do not fit or suit your body type!