Vaginal knitting: Find out what it is if you dare

16 January 2015 - 11:51
By Sowetan LIVE

Casey Jenkins from Melbourne, Australia took performance art to another level.

The artist spent 28 days knitting a scarf from wool that she’d inserted inside her vagina.

"Everyday I take a new skein of wool that's been wound so that it will unravel from the centre and I stick it up inside me... and then I pull out the thread and knit," she says in the video.

Nothing stood in the way of Jenkins’ performance piece, not even her monthly cycle.

"The performance wouldn't be the performance if I were going to cut out my menstrual cycle from it,” she told

Her reason for the unusual performance piece was to get "intimate" with her body - and to make women's private parts appear less "shocking or scary".

We think she achieved the opposite.