Course on how to land a sugar daddy, free tuition!

Professional sugar baby Carla Abonia and sugar daddy mentor Alan Schneider have set up a university for women looking for a rich older man for financial support.

Ms Abonia has clear goals for her teaching: ‘I’m going to be teaching how to view the relationship so it can be prosperous and beneficial for both sides.’

Abonia, 37, has been flown across the world and had wildly lavish gifts bought for her by rich men who can't resist her company.

The pair teach five key elements of being a successful sugar daddy or sugar baby through the curriculum - Sexuality, Understanding, Generosity, Attraction and Reciprocity.

Carla turned to the sugar baby lifestyle after getting fed up with cheap blokes - one in particular would bring a KFC bucket to her house for dinner and leave her the leftovers.

She said: "He'd want to give me a kiss and would leave crumbs all over my mouth. As soon as I got rid of him I went straight on the internet and started researching.

School headmaster Alan, who created the dating site, added the university is there for people to get a better grasp of the 'often misunderstood' lifestyle.

He said: "A lot of women don't know how to approach men - they think they're aggressive and predatory. We have to enhance and educate both sides so each respect each other.

Like a latter-day Hugh Hefner or Alfred Kinsey, Schneider sees himself as a revolutionary trying to break down barriers to pleasure. In his case, the pleasure involves sex and money.

Tuition to this university is free, because this lesson is just so important.

“It is a whole lifestyle that is taught and refined,” says Schneider, who founded the lofty (or base, depending on your perspective) institution this year.


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