10 things a woman should never say to a man

When it comes to relationships women are not so perfect either. Foot in mouth disease can strike at any minute with serious repercussions.

So to avoid such occurrences, here are a few tips:

Never tell a man:

1. “Man up”

You are basically calling him a sissy and no man wants to hear that. He is the head of the household traditionally, so emasculating him with such words will not earn you any points.

2. “We need to talk”

Sirens go off and panic buttons get pressed when men hear these words. For them, ‘we need to talk’ means ‘you are in deep k*k’. Just broach your issues in a normal conversation. It's easier that way.

3. “Anything about size”

If it didn’t matter to you, you wouldn’t bring up the subject. After all you know what they say: “It's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean”

4. “Do I look fat in this?

Don’t ask this question unless you are ready for the brutally honest answer you will get. If you think you look fat in something, you probably do. So just choose another item of clothing instead of picking fights.

5. “Never mind. I’ll do it myself.”

So you ask him to do something and as usual he takes his sweet all time to get it done. Losing your temper is not the solution. Your man wants to feel needed. Ask him again and maybe add a little incentive to encourage him. Eg. “I’ll give you a back rub if you….”

6. “I can’t live without you”

Can you say ‘clingy’? A man wants a strong and independent woman by his side and saying such words in a new relationship will make a man run in the opposite direction.

7. “I’m not your mother”

Oh no you didn’t! Men love their mothers so saying anything bad about her will get you on his wrong side. So steer clear of the ‘m’ word.

8. “Nothing’s wrong”

Who are you trying to fool? Of course something is wrong, just tell him instead of playing mind games.

9. Your friend is so charming

Why are you looking at his friends like that? They are his friends and your relationship with them must just remain cordial.

10. I paid for it, it's my money

Yes, you earn more in the relationship and you buy most of the things in the house but why use that to make your man feel small? A relationship should be a partnership so discuss things with him even small purchases, don’t make him feel like a useless ‘rabaki’.

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Source: eharmony.com

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