Top 20 things men should never, ever, do

1.Do not wear tight jeans that shape your package… like Danny K. We are okay with playing the guessing game. Really.

2. Never give yourself a haircut, barber shops are there to do just that.

3. Never compare your girlfriend to your ex

4. Never compete for the mirror, they are there simply for women.

5. Mama's boys, leave your mom at home. Stop talking about her, comparing every girl to her, and expecting her to do everything for you, especially when you moved out of the house.

6. It's rude to stare at other women in the presence of your lady. Keep your eyes on your woman. She's there for a reason. Nxa!

7. Do NOT, ever, hit or abuse a woman, it's down right disrespectful, and it does not make you powerful. In fact it just shows how weak you are.

8. Do not eat ice cream in public, it just looks wrong!

9. Do not grow your pinky nail, no no no!

10. Do not ever. ever. ever. fart during sex

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