Laughing at life in Sepedi

IKUSASA Young Comedian of 2012 Mashabela Galane believes it is best to laugh at life in your own language.

Better known for his appearance on the Strictly Vernac comedy DVD, Galane recently launched his first DVD, Rock the Mother Tongue,a 15-track combination of house music and comedy.

The funnyman hails from Mmotong village in Limpopo.

He has a BA Honours in Dramatic Arts from Wits University, with majors in media and events management .

Besides doing stand-up comedy in Sepedi, Galane's acting credits include appearances in Welcome to Joburg by Zweli Banzi (Wits Theatre), Opening Guys (a short film on Mzansi Magic) and Teenagers on the Move (also a short film on SABC1).

He was featured in the movie District 9 as a Nigerian gangster and his comedy clips have been aired on Metro FM and on several campus tours.

Tell us about yourself

I am a comedian who is killing the funny business ka Sepedi.

How did you get into comedy?

I believe I was sent by the Lord to make people laugh.

Who would be your ultimate date?

Sorry, ke mopedi (I am a Pedi speaker), I am not romantic at all.

What was it like growing up in Mmotong?

Life was not easy growing up in a village, but my family and the people were amazing.

Which comedian are you dying to share a stage with?

Roni Modimole, aka Mr Side Pocket. He is so funny and humble and his style is unique. God bless him, wa rocka (he rocks).

How different is your comedy from other comedians?

My jokes are limpopofied. I don't rock with Internet jokes or little Johnny jokes. I just think out of the box.

Why did you shave your dreads?

I had them for nine years, but I was broke so I sold them. And It was time for a change. I was also sick and tired of my look.

Tell me one joke from Strictly Vernac?

Everyone who comes from Limpopo ke baloi (are witches).

What can your fans expect from your new DVD and album?

They will laugh out loud for days and ka sepedi ke (in Sepedi) as you know it is not LOL but LKK - meaning laughing kudu kudu (very hard).

First time you realised that you were funny?

In high school I was one of the kids who was always making everyone laugh.

Your most embarrassing moment?

I performed in front of my class mates at varsity and they laughed at me, not at the joke.

When was your first paying gig?

At Wits theatre in 2005. I flopped in some parts, but I was glad I survived it.

Who do you talk to for advice?

God. He has all the solutions. I also talk to my wife Malenyalo.