Older boyfriend will not share his past with me

I AM 23 years old and have started dating a man who is a lot older than I am. I asked him about his past relationships and he doesn’t want to discuss them.

He said that he didn’t want to know about my past relationships because it is in the past. I don’t know his friends well enough yet to ask them personal questions about him.

This has made me very curious and I don’t know how to get him to open up. Please help me.

Curious Girlfriend, Sandton


In any new relationship some information should be shared. This includes sexual history, to ascertain whether it is necessary to go for HIV testing before starting a physical relationship.

But there is no need to share details about past relationships. He is obviously uncomfortable sharing this information and it is really none of your business. I f he knew that you tried to discuss this with friends it would be the end of your relationship.

If he shared this information with you it could be difficult for you to cope with it. Often this can play on a person’s mind and you could continually compare yourself with the women in his past.

Respect his privacy or consider that you are too young for him and move forward.