Never ever allow a salesperson at your door to force you to buy

DO NOT let yourself be hurried into buying something if you are not ready or had no intention of buying. After all, the salesperson is at your door uninvited and remains there only at your courtesy.

  • If you are interested in buying from such agents, get everything in writing, including price, warranty and all the conditions or tell the salesperson you will check it out and get back to him.
  • Ask for proper identification before letting any salesperson into your home.
  • Do not fall for the "sympathy approach". A salesperson might say they are working their way through college or in some other way to try to get your sympathy.
  • They might even sell you goods at three times the price you can get it for at any of the China Malls.
  • Be wary of "referral sales". A referral sale is when a seller offers to pay you a certain amount of cash or a discount if you give him the names of friends who might buy his goods.