Minimalist kitchens are a hot trend for 2011

Lindiwe Nkweza, an interior designer, says the following are the most trendy factors for kitchens today

  • Stainless steel is the most trendy cabinets;
  • Reclaimed wood is the most trendy flooring;
  • Engineered stone is the most trendy counter tops;
  • Pull-out spray style is the most trendy faucets;
  • Metal is the most trendy refrigeration;
  • Induction cook tops are the most trendy cooking options;
  • Table as island is the most trendy kitchen island.

Julie Cosyns, owner of Designer Cucine, says the remodelling of a kitchen not only adds significant value to a home, but can also improve the quality of your life. Cosyns offers some insight into international kitchen trends:


Eco-friendliness and sustainability is all the rage, but most notably in the kitchen, where a few small changes can have a significant impact.

Buyers are looking for planet-friendly features, with measurable benefits, Cosyns says.

“Energy and water efficient appliances are increasingly preferred. In fact, most consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable features, provided there is a tangible return on investment in the long run,” Cosyns says.


Kitchens are the hub of the home and an area that is big on multi-tasking, Cosyns says.

“As homes get increasingly smaller, many of the functions that previously had their own designated areas, such as the laundry room, dining room and home office, for example, are now being absorbed into the kitchen area.

“Including all this extra functionality into one room takes careful planning. Space-saving solutions are a great help and can include banquette seating, hideaway laundry appliances, a built-in work space and sit- down eating area.


As homes get smaller, kitchens are getting proportionality smaller as well. As a result, manufacturers have to introduce new lines of streamlined appliances as an alternative to the chunky, industrial-grade craze of a year or two ago .


Today’s kitchen features increasingly more technology, making our lives easier and the kitchen experience more enjoyable, Cosyns says.

“From flat-screen TVs and computer entertainment systems to retracting ventilation hoods, gas burners, and ‘smart’ appliances. Other additions are cellphone or iPod charging stations and Wi-Fi Internet access.”


Modern kitchens often form part of an open-plan living area, so their design pivots around the concept of concealment, Cosyns says.

“Modern kitchens feature generous worktops alongside spacious, tall units, with sliding fronts that reveal kitchen appliances, shelving and well- planned storage options.

“Their sleek and subtle design negates the need for hanging wall units and handles, transforming the kitchen into a refined extension of the living area.”


Bold splashes of vibrant colour are really hot.