Friends should build up, not cut down

I have known my best friend since our school days. We are both 24 now and I am having a problem with her.

She often makes me feel bad about myself and makes fun of me when we are in company.

Sometimes we will make arrangements to go out together and she lets me down.

She has a few other friends and if she makes arrangements with them I am always excluded.

My sister says she treats me like a dog and I should get rid of her. I don't know what to do about it. - Sindy, Alberton



You have been friends for a long time. But things have obviously changed and perhaps it is time for you to make some new friends.

You need some space between the two of you so, without being nasty about it, start making your own plans that don't include her.

If you do this you will be able to see things in a clearer light and can then make a decision whether you want to maintain this friendship.

If you do decide to keep her as a friend then perhaps you need to speak to her honestly and tell her how she makes you feel. Friends shouldn't have a negative effect on your life but should build you up.