Sexy is understanding your flaws: Omuhle Gela

For many people flaws are those things we hide, the stuff that makes us human; vulnerable and exposed. But for actress Omuhle Gela they are the ingredients to being sexy.

“There is nothing sexier than figuring out and understanding your flaws,” says Omuhle Gela in her definition of sexy.

Speaking to Sowetan LIVE, the 24-year-old actress says that she considers herself sexy because she has accepted that she is not perfect but is able to live with her flaws.

“I think everyone has flaws. We all have something that we wish could be different but we can’t really change or we don’t want to change because we have accepted the way it is.

“Of course I have flaws - and I am comfortable with my flaws. That’s why I started doing sexy shoots because I have come to accept how I am and how I look,” explained Omuhle.

Being sexy comes with its challenges; where people can be a confused if it is a compliment or an offence.

In normal everyday life people; particularly males may say someone is sexy and it can be read as distasteful.

For Omuhle the distaste can only come from; how one says it. “It depends on the tone; some people have a very offensive tone. Guys mostly have rougher tones.”

When not acting, Omuhle Gela has her hands full juggling between modelling and trying to get her new swimsuit line launched.

“It’s called 20-swimwear and its launching in November. It’s a swimwear line that focuses on women of all different shapes and sizes.

“Some people who are fully figured struggle to get decent beach wear, so I decided to do something that I like and that I know most women would like,” explained Omuhle.

And apart from reciting lines in front of the camera, Omuhle is one of the youngest aspiring businesswomen in the country.

“I am very excited about it (business) and I am doing it by myself. I am starting very small with an online store. It is just me alone,” she said.

When not working, Omuhle enjoys travelling around the country because she is not much of a party animal.

Omuhle Gela has been nominated as one of the sexiest women in South Africa.

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