SABC Plus revamped with exciting new features, apps and more

The streaming service is now accessible across multiple devices, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite content anywhere, any time

Prepare to experience the best of SABC like never before with the newly revamped SABC Plus.
Prepare to experience the best of SABC like never before with the newly revamped SABC Plus.
Image: SABC

The SABC has revamped its over-the-top platform SABC Plus with a sleekly updated website and an array of awesome new features. It has also launched new apps for the streaming service, including those designed for Huawei, Android and iOS phones, LG TVs, and set-top boxes.

“SABC Plus will now be accessible across multiple devices, ensuring our audiences can enjoy their favourite content anywhere, any time. Our most beloved brands, including our top-rated radio stations and an exciting new range of podcasts, will now be just a tap away,” said Nomsa Chabeli, SABC Group CEO.

What’s new on SABC Plus?


• New and improved interface
• Personalised content recommendations
• Catch-up services
• Video on demand (VOD)
• Voice command (for content search)
• TV schedule and Radio Now Playing electronic programming guide (EPG)
• Vodcasts
• Download features (available on mobile only)
• Podcasts
• Unlimited access on multiple household devices
• Display banners and video ads
• EPG reminder


• SABC Plus website
• SABC Plus mobile apps: iOS, Android and Huawei
• SABC Plus TV apps / connected TVs: LG
• Set-top boxes: Apple TV (TVOS) and Google TV/Android (launching soon)

SABC Plus’s new features are designed to enhance your viewing and listening experience with a seamless, intuitive interface and personalised content recommendations, ensuring you can easily find something you love.

In addition, you can also enjoy Channel Africa’s “The Voice of the African Renaissance”, which brings programming in Chinyanja, Kiswahili, English, French and Portuguese, and is broadcast to communities in the African diaspora across the world.

Furthermore, you can also access Springbok Radio, Radio Bantu, 5FM Extra, and Radio 2000 Extra.

“The SABC has been at the forefront of fostering diversity and inclusivity through its extensive catalogue of television, radio and news offerings in the country’s official 12 languages. SABC Plus is our latest innovation, reinforcing our commitment to providing the best programming. The platform houses an impressive array of content,” said Chabeli

The SABC has a proud history of being a pioneer in the broadcasting industry, having introduced SA’s first comedy, horror and drama series in indigenous languages. With SABC Plus, the organisation is taking this legacy into the digital age, offering a modern, accessible way to enjoy high-quality content that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of our country.

According to the SABC, SABC Plus is more than just a platform — it’s a celebration of who we are as a nation and where we are going.

To experience the best of SABC like never before, sign up for SABC Plus now. Existing users are urged to re-register with new credentials so that they comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act.

This article was sponsored by the SABC.