Beautiful, affordable and a brilliant battery life? Meet the Huawei Y6p

The dual-SIM Huawei Y6p comes with pretty much everything you would want in a mid-range smartphone

With a crisp 6.3-inch display and three rear cameras, you’re guaranteed beautiful photos and videos.
With a crisp 6.3-inch display and three rear cameras, you’re guaranteed beautiful photos and videos.
Image: Supplied/Huawei

There are certain non-negotiable features when it comes to picking out a smartphone but sometimes it seems that the more advanced smartphones get, the more you have to settle for one feature over another.

Processor power or size? Sound or camera capabilities? And then there’s Huawei’s Y6p, a dual-SIM smartphone that pretty much comes with everything you would want for the affordable, mid-range price tag of R3,299.

With a crisp 6.3-inch display and three rear cameras, you’re guaranteed beautiful photos and videos. We particularly liked using the 120° ultra-wide angle lens for capturing group shots and anything outdoors. If you’re more into selfies, the Y6p has a built-in 8MP selfie beauty camera, which means automatic retouching and perfect portraits every time. 

While there are music streaming apps in Huawei’s AppGallery (Huawei Music has everything from global charts to running tracks and a party mode) the Y6p comes with a wireless FM radio so you don’t necessarily need a subscription to have a soundtrack. Huawei’s SuperSound also knows how to bring on the bass. Expect 88 dB — yes, the Y6p can be as loud as a truck, which is impressive considering its size.  

There’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than a dying smartphone battery. When your phone is your camera, calculator, bank, social media source, mobile connection to the internet and portable music player in one, power is a priority. In fact, all-day battery life should be at the top of your spec list so you don’t have to carry around additional cables and power banks, or panic when the power goes out. 

Huawei’s Y6p is fuelled by a big 5000 mAh battery (mAh stands for milliampere-hour). A more expensive phone with a lower mAh battery inside simply won’t last as long as the Y6p, for example, but it also depends on the phone’s processor and which apps you’re using. The Y6p comes out top because it not only lasts more than a day, you can use it to reverse charge other phones. Expect 32 hours of video, 37 hours of radio listening and 20 hours of 4G internet browsing ... on a single charge. 

Over and above its brilliant battery life, the Y6p comes with a fingerprint scanner, preinstalled screen protector and a simple pull-out dual-SIM and microSD tray. This means that not only can you add more memory to the 64GB of storage it already comes with, but if you’re travelling and need to buy a second, foreign SIM card, you’re less likely to lose your local one. 

And even if you’re not going anywhere (thanks Covid-19), the option of two SIM cards in one phone is ideal if you have a separate work line or simply need better network coverage. 

Available in purple and green gemstone shades (as well as black), the Y6p is a really good-looking device. Compared with other smartphones that come in at around the same price tag, the Y6p just looks more expensive than the rest. With its curved edges and sleek design, it’s a smartphone you simply can’t take your eyes off. 

Get the Huawei Y6p, plus a free Bluetooth headset, for R3,699 from the Huawei Online Store.

This article was paid for by Huawei.