Bulletproof concept 'about brotherhood'

Bulletproof stars Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters visited SA earlier this year and spoke about the new season of the show./SUPPLIED
Bulletproof stars Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters visited SA earlier this year and spoke about the new season of the show./SUPPLIED

There is nothing as appealing on television like watching fine, good-looking men holding a gun and chasing criminals.

That scene exists in the British drama series Bulletproof which was created by the film actors themselves - Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters.

The two actors who started the series in 2018 were earlier this year in Mzansi to shoot some of their scenes.

The police series, which made its debut in SA in January last year, follows best friends Clarke, who plays the role of Aaron Bishop, and Walters, who portrays the role of Ronnie Pike Jr.

Speaking to SA media during their visit in March, just weeks before the Covid-19 outbreak, the two actors oozed a sense of graciousness and respect.

They spoke about the second season of Bulletproof which starts on Universal Channel on DStv on August 10, where they continue to investigate dangerous criminals, including traffickers, drug dealers and armed robbers. Walters said viewers can expect to be taken on an amazing journey as Bishop and Pike go really deep undercover in fighting crime.

"The second season is not about the relentless car chases, heists, people smuggling, corruption scandals ... it is a showdown between good and evil."

Viewers of the show will agree that the two black police officers are not only duty partners but have lots of love and loyalty for each other. Walters said theBulletproof concept was about brotherhood.

"Bishop does not have a family while Pike has a beautiful wife and kids. The two have so much love, respect, [and] loyalty for each other. Since Bishop does not have a family he is part of Pike's family," said the 38-year-old.

Clarke, who is also a director and comic book writer, said: "Pike and Bishop always challenge each other and even attempt life without each other - but their bond is so strong, so unshakable, that they will always have each other. For better or for worse, rich or poor, you know how it goes... same colour and different backgrounds," the 44-year-old said.

"People see our characters and they can relate to them. You can see that Bishop is a good father and wants to protect his family. There is no other show like this anywhere in the world."

Walters, who is also a rapper and goes by the name of Asher D, said that when they created the show they wanted to have two good black role models leading the show, which was something unheard off in the UK. He said it has been their childhood dream to create a show which was about what they grew up watching, like Bad Boys.

"The main thing was to make these guys role models for kids and other people."

Clarke further said: "That's why we don't betray each other. We wanted to inspire young black kids to know that you can be something. You don't have to be a rapper or drug dealer to have money. You can achieve something the right way."

The international actors said they have experienced racism in SA because of their skin colour. Walters, who spent six months in Stellenbosch shooting, said: "I faced a lot of racism which was difficult for me and I ended up being assaulted by people in the club, which was not cool. I was not shocked because I understood the situation I was in."

Clarke said: "I would not want to come to such a place after hearing about someone close to me going through such experience. Everything you are told about this place [Cape Town] has connotation and history that makes you say 'as a black person I don't want to go there'. But when I came here I met all types of people and I experienced the country and saw divisions. I have also seen the positive, and you can see that there is a future and young people are at the forefront of wanting to make change."

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