What to look forward to at Marvel Universe LIVE!

Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes
Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes

Marvel fans are in for a treat this weekend as an exciting, thrilling show kicks off at the Sun Arena at Time Square, Menlyn Maine, Pretoria from Friday, 24 January through Sunday, 09 Feb 2020.

In a first for local fans, Marvel Universe LIVE! brings everyone's favourite heroes live on stage. The list includes: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, Wasp and Iron Fist.

Fans young and old can expect the following:

- One hour and 45 minutes (including intermission) of an original story that brings the most Marvel characters together in one new production.

- Special effects, aerial maneuvers, pyrotechnics, martial arts, motorcycle stunts and vast 3D video projection.

- Wait...there's more: The floor show is enhanced with strobe lighting, lasers, fire and smoke, along with substantial sound effects to heighten the excitement.

“We are excited to bring this incredible sensory overload of non-stop Super Hero action from all over the Marvel Universe to South Africa for the first time,” says Showtime Management’s Tony Feldman.