What to do for free in Johannesburg

MiWay’s list of recommended activities that won’t cost you a cent

14 January 2020 - 11:04
What to do in Johannesburg on a tight budget.
Image: Supplied/MiWay What to do in Johannesburg on a tight budget.

The first month of the year always feels like it's at least 62 days long but on a 10-day pay cheque. What if we told you that, this January, you could have fun and create unforgettable memories without spending a cent?

Here's MiWay's list of free activities in Johannesburg:

Visit an art gallery

Boost your creativity and get your imagination flowing by visiting an art gallery. Being around art and artistic people can inspire you to be more creative. It's also an educational experience because you learn more about the artists, different cultures, the history of the country, and more. 

Take a hike

Not only is hiking a rejuvenating experience, it's a great form of exercise that's fun to do. We know that working out is not all that fun sometimes but we need it to stay strong and healthy. Another plus is that it's convenient to do in both large and small groups, allowing you to bond with your friends and family. Head to Melville Koppies for an enjoyable adventure. 

Have a picnic

If you want to eat out but are tight on money, why not pack sandwiches and snacks and eat at your nearest park with your friends, or you can have a braai there instead? The great thing about having a picnic at the park is that you're not limited to just eating. You can take a walk, play soccer or board games to get your heart racing. Zoo Lake is a great place to start, as it's one of the most popular and most beautiful parks in Johannesburg with plenty of picnic spots. 

Head to a market

Markets are cool because there's no entrance fee and you get to see everything – from crafts to collectibles and clothing while still getting a great outdoor experience. Try an online search for markets in your area.

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