One of Boity's fav moments of 2019? When a student she helped graduated

04 January 2020 - 12:14
By Noxolo Majavu
Boity Thulo
Image: Boity \ Instagram Boity Thulo

Boity Thulo has one of the biggest hearts in Mzansi and she was filled with emotion when a person she once helped told her he had graduated.

Siya Dondolo had once asked Boity for help so he could buy a calculator for his studies. Taking to Twitter, he explained that he needed the costly Casio scientific calculator for exams and his bursary had not yet paid out. Boity sent him R500.

Siya later surprised Boity by posting a snap of himself graduating. In a post on Twitter, Siya shared his appreciation and tagged Boity.

He wrote, “Your kind gesture a year ago is one of the things that made this day possible. I graduated this morning. Thanks again.”

Boity retweeted his post, expressing how proud and happy she was that things finally worked out for Siya.

She described the moment as one of her proudest of 2019.

She added that Siya's post had left her very emotional.