Ann Malinga remembers her late husband & music legend, Robbie

27 December 2019 - 12:20
By Masego Seemela
It's been two years since Robbie Malinga died.
Image: Via Robbie Malinga's Instagram It's been two years since Robbie Malinga died.

Christmas Day marked two years since Robbie Malinga died and his wife, Ann, opened up about how difficult the holidays are without him.

Robbie died on December 25 2017, after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

In commemoration of the anniversary of Robbie's death, Ann shared a picture of the late muso's resting place, saying that December holidays are the hardest without him.

Darkest day of our lives but glorious in the heavens because you gained your angel wings and flew to heaven. December holidays are the hardest.” 

Ann Malinga remembers her late husband Robbie.
Image: Ann Malinga/ Instagram Ann Malinga remembers her late husband Robbie.

Four months ago Ann opened up about the pain of losing her husband after receiving a flood of messages from followers. 

In a heartfelt post addressed to women who kept sending her direct messages about her loss, Ann gave further insight into the tragedy, in the hope that it would help to answer their questions.

She said death is hard for all of us and just because she seemed to carry the pain well didn't mean it was not heavy.

“I’m just not an attention seeker. I cry more than you’ll imagine. I have bad days, but I choose to deal with all that in my space, with people who genuinely care,” she said.

Touching on her time on earth with Robbie, Ann said if you continue to love your lost loved one, you will be able to feel their spirit live on and receive constant reminders that you are not alone.

“Though you will live in pain searching for answers, you will eventually realise there’s no answer to their death and life just don’t make sense.”