Musician paid R20,000 to have Zodwa on a music video: Here’s a snippet

26 September 2019 - 13:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Zodwa Wabantu was shaking everything in the music video.
Image: Instagram/ Zodwa Wabantu Zodwa Wabantu was shaking everything in the music video.

Zodwa is collecting coins like a slot machine and recently took home a cool R20k for appearing in a music video.

This week, sis shared a video of her on the set of the video for house artist Krusher's latest single, Bophelo Bjaka.

The video is set to drop next week.

In a snippet from the footage, sis Zodwa is seen on a boat shaking some serious booty, while Krusher looks down.

She joked that the muso was scared of her, but really wanted her in the video.

“He is scared of me. He told his bosses he wants Zodwa Wabantu. Bamba indunu le you paid for it,” she wrote, before warning the masses that she doesn't work for free.

But not everyone was impressed by Zodwa's moves.

One fan hit up the comments section to ask: “South Africans don't you get tired of her same dancing styles, moves all the time!? Believe me, she's way too booooring!”

Zodwa hit back at the hater: “You are so miserable girl. My soul belongs to God, not your bitter soul.”