Rouge wants to get over her crush on Jidenna and asks fans for help

Actor and rapper Rouge has a heavy crush.
Actor and rapper Rouge has a heavy crush.
Image: Supplied

You have celeb crushes, like the one we have on Minnie Dlamini, and then you have what Rouge is feeling for Nigerian-US rapper Jidenna.

Rouge has BEEN crushing on the Classic Man star and told fans this week it's him or nobody.

Asked if she would date a rapper, she said she wouldn't, joking that Jidenna had ruined it for everyone else.

“Lol Jidenna done traumatised me. No longer crushing on celebs until further notice,” she wrote in the caption, before saying he's “still fine though”.

She then appealed to her army to help her get over dude like ...

“I'm still crushing hard for Jidenna ... But im really tryna let him go. Please advise?” she wrote.