Traditional healer Letang Tlome back to heal her fans through songs

14 August 2019 - 16:10
By Emmanuel Tjiya
Singer Letang Tlome is making a musical comeback after answering her calling to become a traditional healer.
Image: Supplied Singer Letang Tlome is making a musical comeback after answering her calling to become a traditional healer.

Letang Tlome is getting ready stage her victorious music comeback. Renowned as one of the members of Adilah, the 2003 Coca-Cola Popstars winners, Tlome says it’s been 13 tumultuous years after the group’s fall from grace.

The 38-year-old singer told SowetanLIVE that at her lowest she was depressed – feeling like a failure – and suicidal.

Tlome credits answering her African spiritual calling last year as one of the things that helped her find her way back. She trained to become a traditional healer for five months last year after years of ignoring her calling.

“I can say I grew up with it and didn’t have an understanding of it. I grew up in a religious family and church was the thing – nothing else,” she told Sowetan.

“It shocked us as it was happening. So we just thought it was evil spirits.  I would get sick and some things will happen to me that didn’t make sense. I have been to every church that one can image. I kept running and it got a hold of me. There was a time when my legs locked – there weren’t walking – and that was a turning point.”

Tlome now practices as a traditional healer. The mother of two girls added that motherhood saved her too.

“My kids are my saving grace. I probably would have given up long ago if it wasn’t for my kids,” she said. “There was a time I was so depressed and thought of suicide several times. Things were just not coming together. It wasn’t just musically. Even when I tried a 9 to 5 [job] it was just not working out. These kids pulled me back every time I looked at their faces.”

Tlome was last in studio in 2006. She has released a new single, Vusani. Fusing her spiritual journey into her sound, she describes her new music as urban Afro-soul.

“I’m no longer trying to sound like Beyonce. I have found my sound and voice. I have matured,” she explained.

 “I found out all of this when I was answering my calling. There were certain songs that we were taught that connected with me on a deeper level. I thought, 'this is it'. I want people to find healing through my songs. I will like them to stay encouraged.”

Tlome said she was still in touch with the remaining members of Adilah, especially Karabo Motlhabi.