Ally Moseamadi cooks gqom with Limpopo flavour

02 August 2019 - 09:48
By Patience Bambalele
Ally Moseamedi is releasing  his solo  track next week./Supplied
Ally Moseamedi is releasing his solo track next week./Supplied

Ally Moseamedi is tired of seeing Limpopo province being sidelined when it comes to music awards.

The 39-year-old musician, whose stage name is Mr On Point, has opted to infuse gqom into his sound to make it more relevant.

Moseamedi believes that the gqom sound, which was created in Durban, has been dominating awards because of its popularity countrywide.

The lyrics of his songs are in Pedi, Tsonga and gqom's signature lingo, Zulu.

"I realised that Limpopo artists were being left out in many awards because of the sound we do," Moseamedi says.

"I have infused gqom so that people can easily relate to the sound and it is working. Radio stations are playing my music and I am getting more gigs."

Moseamedi, who was born and raised in the farm area called D Site, near Letsitele in Limpopo, is set to drop his single, Close to You, on August 7.

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"The song speaks about love between two people and also the love you have for your parents and family members. It is taking about the thing you would do just to be close to them. Would you fly or run just to be close to them?"

Moseamedi, who is also a composer and backing singer for award-winning star Zola 7, began to pursue his solo career last year.

He is working on a 20-track album with talented young producer Siya C and King Zulu that will be released at the end of next month.

He says his music is educational and speaks about social issues, love and life in general.

His story is an interesting one, being someone who studied travel and tourism.

Before he could finish he was fortunate to be recruited to a Protea Hotels programme that was aimed at developing young black managers.

He travelled the country, working at different hotels.

"I guess moving around in different provinces introduced me to club life and I realised that I love music.

"I met Zola 7 and we became friends before I worked with him. And he has taught me a lot about life and music," he said.

Moseamedi currently works at a private hospital in Johannesburg.