Dineo Ranaka please 'pay up', says booking manager

24 June 2019 - 11:13
By Emmanuel Tjiya
Palesa Molemela and Dineo Ranaka during happier times./INSTAGRAM
Palesa Molemela and Dineo Ranaka during happier times./INSTAGRAM

"Pay me my money, Dineo Ranaka."

That's the tune that booking manager Palesa Molemela has been singing for almost a year about R22,000 allegedly owed to her by the Metro FM personality over services rendered.

Molemela's endless battle to have Ranaka foot the bill has even resulted in her lawyers serving the reality TV star with a letter of demand last September, which Sowetan has seen. But nine months later, Molemela has still not received a cent.

According to Molemela, she worked with Ranaka between October 2017 and August 2018 as a booking manager and administrator with a partly written and oral agreement that she will receive 20% on all of Ranaka's bookings.

Initially the agreement ran smoothly with clients paying money into Molemela's account, then subtracting her 20% and depositing the rest into Ranaka's account.

"She approached me asking me to manage her and do all her administration for all her gigs and bookings," Molemela said yesterday.

"She then slowly forwarded me all emails from her clients so I can manage whatever they needed. The first gigs came and we did that."

However, the women started not seeing eye to eye when Ranaka changed the system of payment around July 2018.

Ranaka requested that money now be deposited straight into her account from clients and then she will pay the agreed 20% into Molemela's account.

"I asked her why she changed the system? She said it was for tax purposes and for her to manage her accounts better," Molemela explained.

The amounts that Molemela has not been paid includes her R11,000 cut from Ranaka hosting the South African Music Awards (Samas) in Sun City last June.

The other two gigs include SAB World of Beer (R4,000) on Women's Day last year and Women to Women event (R7,000) in Bloemfontein on August 31 2018.

A lawyer, who did not want to be identified, confirmed the authenticity of the letter of demand. "In terms of the letter of demand I can confirm that I assisted her [Molemela] and the letter was sent to her [Ranaka] at the SABC to be delivered."

Ranaka did not respond to our phone calls and text messages.