Ye Mokko is anything but normal

Ye Mokko
Ye Mokko

Ye Mokko is the name to remember.

He has a new single, Normally, featuring award-winning producer Kiddominant, who is known for hit songs such as Davido's Fall and AKA's Fela Versace.

There is nothing normal about Ye Mokko.

Born Numer Adam in Johannesburg, he moved to the DR of Congo after matric. His parents have businesses there, but in part it was to pursue his dream of music and to learn about business.

While there he got nicknamed Ye Mokko, Lingala for "The One".

He says the communities where he worked in commodity sales, exporting and logistics named him that because he would facilitate a lot of things for them.

Now he has taken up the moniker as his stage name.

Ye Mokko is revelling in the positive feedback he has enjoyed after releasing Normally.

"I love the music industry. Everyday is a lesson, you never stop learning.

"I'm hoping for great success, for people to appreciate what I do."

Ye Mokko portrays his art through his uniqueness and the energy that makes him unmissable.

His music career began in DJing and producing, where his structured beats possessed their own qualities, spanning the genres of deep house, EDM, pop, hip-hop and trap.

He says his recordings allow him to detail his experiences and explain his lifestyle through storytelling, accompanied by self-made beats and raw honesty as he conveys the challenges of his life.