Enhle-Mbali starts new initiative to open conversations around depression

24 November 2018 - 13:41
By Chrizelda Kekana
Enhle-Mbali wants to use her foundation to tackle depression in young girls.
Image: Instagram/Instagram Enhle-Mbali wants to use her foundation to tackle depression in young girls.

Enhle-Mbali Maphumulo is taking action against depression and addressing mental health issues, particularly in young women.

The actress told Sowetan Live that it came from a place of feeling like that someone needed to initiate the dialogue among the youth because they are neglected and left to fend for themselves because their elders don't talk.

"The problem is we don't talk about things, that is why depression has managed to manifest itself in such a big way. A lot of us do have depression because of the lifestyles we live and we don't even know it. We work too much, we play too hard, our bodies and minds never have time to heal. This is the reason I feel I need to help," she said.

Enhle Cares is an initiative that started over four months ago. The actress said she wanted to do it because there had just been a large gap that needed to be filled as far

She said she felt that a lot of South African women are emotionally drained and depressed. 

"So I did this slumber party with a group of girls aged 13 to 20 and it was absolutely amazing because we had conversations that I didn't think would happen. I got to learn a little more about what I needed to try to tackle and depression, emotional health were big elements."

Enhle said it then dawned on her that her birthday celebration could include a gala dinner for her initiative.

The actress, who initially planned to have one big get down party and an intimate dinner with family and friends, then decided the third one would be a gala dinner that would serve two purposes: celebrate partnerships and help Enhle Cares fulfil its mandate.

"Because I turned 30 this year, I decided there would be three major celebrations. The party, the intimate dinner and a gala dinner that would include every single person that has done anything for me or with me, which would embodies what Simple Enhle is all about. I then partnered with House of Mandela, Africa Rising Foundation and their supporting partners, Global Citizen and The Nozala Trust who have been amazing help."

The Forever Young Ball & Gala Dinner will take place November 30 in Johannesburg.