Lebo M struck by Cupidโ€™s arrow again

13 June 2018 - 12:17
By Lesley Mofokeng
Lebo M and Mel Ntsala.
Image: INSTAGRAM Lebo M and Mel Ntsala.

Ever the romantic, Lebo M has found love in the arms of a new lass named Mel Ntsala.

The couple has been sharing their snaps taken all over the world where Lebo has been on tour with the Lion King production.

In a statement to Sowetan, the couple confirmed that they were dating.

"We met at the house of a mutual friend. We are very happy with our relationship as it is and we have no marriage plans. Not now or in the future".

Friends close to them say Lebo, 54, is so smitten that he has given her the pet name of Palesa (a flower) as a term of endearment.

In a recent Instagram post Lebo shared that they were having a good time in Lesotho where they had quality time.

"She brings the smile and a child in me out with absolute ease, what a lucky guy I am. Happy Sunday and stay positive at all times people".

Lebo M has in the past dated Zoe Mthiyane, the Generations actress with whom he has a daughter and their engagement ended acrimoniously in 2016.

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Last year he divorced Angela Ngani-Kasara for a second time, months after re-marrying her.  The couple had exchanged vows for the first in 2013 before giving it another try in 2016.

His marriage to his first wife, Nandi Ndlovu lasted 11 years.

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