Male stripper who lives with his baby mama and girlfriend gets Twitter in a frenzy

01 June 2018 - 11:04
By Kyle Zeeman

A 25-year-old male stripper had the internet in all kinds of ways on Thursday evening when he appeared on popular TV show Sofa Slahlane to tell his story of leaving church to go make coins in club.

The guy has been doing his thing for some time now and had the Twitter streets in a coma when he revealed not only his moves on stage but also his extra mural activities.

He revealed during the episode that his home games feature not only his baby mama but his girlfriend too. He lives with both women and says things are pretty peaceful.

The show gave fans a small glimpse of the guys talents - like what he can do with a chair and a towel. But‚ shem‚ it was too much for fans‚ who were left shooketh by his act and his relationship.

After the episode‚ Twitter was left with so many questions. But if we had to minimise it to just two‚ they would be:

Question 1: How did he manage to get both of them to agree to move in with him?

Question 2: Where do people find him? Just asking for a friend