Khabonina Qubeka the new Dr Love

Khabonina Qubeka trades in her dancing shoes to be a TV love counsellor./Supplied
Khabonina Qubeka trades in her dancing shoes to be a TV love counsellor./Supplied

Actress and award-winning choreographer Khabonina Qubeka will trade her dancing boots to fix people's love lives from next month.

She is fresh from a trip to Hong Kong recently for the 2018 Nelson Mandela Centenary last month, where she worked with Yoga Raj conducting classes.

Raj holds the Guinness world record for yoga stunts.

Qubeka was unveiled last week as the new host of BET Africa emotainment show, Fix My Love.

The show has similarities with SABC1's television show, Nyan Nyan, which is a talking point on a weekly basis on social media as ordinary citizens come on the show to talk about their relationship problems to seek advice from viewers.

Fix My Love seeks to help couples by taking them on an emotional journey into their relationships.

Couples will open up about their relationships in a bid to find help in sorting out their

If you scroll down her Instagram page you will see that Qubeka is a perfect fit for this new role.

Her posts are never short of snaps of her hunky boyfriend. Whether the two are on holiday in Disneyland, eating out at restaurants or just taking selfies, one can't help but notice how smitten she is.

Qubeka says she joined the show because "everybody needs some love".

"I fell in love with the concept before even imagining what the show is going to be like. It's a show about love," she says.

"It makes us realise that we look at people's relationships and think that they are 'couple goals' and then don't realise what is going on inside.

"What I like about this show is that we unpack relationships. People are going to get the reality of what love is and what love is supposed to be.

"That is what I love about the show in that it is very honest and raw."