WATCH | A-Reece hittin' on Pearl Modiadie is the cutest thing

Pearl Modiadie had rapper A-Reece in the hot seat as a guest on her show Zaziwa‚ but she was never ready for the questions A-Reece threw her way.

The show‚ which aims to take viewers into the life and times of their fave celebrities‚ is hosted and co-produced by Modiadie. She recently had A-Reece on as a guest and when it was time for questions from fans‚ A-Reece's love life came up.

While the rapper was down to answer all the questions thrown at him‚ he used the moment to achieve his almost Uyang'thanda Na? moment with Pearl.

After clarifying that he and Natasha Thahane "never really dated" he asked Modiadie who she is dating and if she' is happy.

Watch how the video and see Modiadie's priceless reaction:

Obvs‚ the rapper is totes into Modiadie.

He knows it. Modiadie knows it. We know it. *cues Oprah voice* Everybody knows it!