David Beckham rubs shoulders with SA stars

15 March 2018 - 17:26
By Leonie Wagner
Image: Instagram

The retired football player is in South Africa to launch his latest business venture‚ Haig Club single grain scotch whisky.

Describing the drink as “stylish‚ innovative and tasty”‚ Beckham said it was a drink for people who didn’t necessary like whisky.

But that’s not all he spoke about.

He also mentioned the possibility of scouting for young talent for his Miami football club. While talks of poaching local players was premature‚ Beckham said he wanted his club to recruit players from across the globe once it was properly established‚ which he said would take another two years.

Landing in South Africa on Tuesday sans his wife‚ Victoria‚ Beckham has been sipping whisky with the brand’s local influencers since Wednesday.

Those who made the cut and joined the Haig Club family were Lungile Radu‚ personal shopper Tshepi Vundla‚ celebrity blogger Lelo Boyana and Dumi Gwebu.

“I always wanted to go into businesses where I had fun and experience new things. This is definitely one of those things‚” Beckham said.

Even with this brand partnership‚ he is still a footballer at heart and said he will always be a loyal Manchester United fan.

He’s credited the lessons he learnt on the football field as the keys he used to establish a successful business off the field.

“We try to be disruptive in this world and obviously in others. We talk about breaking the rules and this is a subtle way of doing it in the whisky world‚” Beckham said.