Radio DJ's wife pleads for marriage freedom

20 February 2018 - 14:30
By Patience Bambalele

The wife of a well-known uMhlobo Wenene radio presenter has appealed to her husband to sign divorce papers so that she can be free.

The desperate woman vented her frustration at the man she once loved by posting a long letter on Instagram, which she later deleted.

The woman has three children with the presenter and they both cannot be named to protect the children.

According to the letter addressed to both the husband and some of his friends, the uMhlobo host has already married another woman. She wants him to sign the divorce papers so that she too can find love.

"No dear friends, we are not renovating our marriage. In as much as we have both divorced each other in our hearts, I am still waiting for him to release me on paper and in the court of law," part of the post read.

"Pls release me, sign, don't be greedy and inconsiderate... I also have an intention to get married again..."

The radio man denied that he refused to sign papers, claiming that he was the one who left his wife. He claimed that she went on social media to "embarrass" him.

"But my lawyers are handling that as this woman is in contravention of a court order from two years ago."

He denied that he was married to another woman.

"I do have those intentions but my ex is the one stalling this process. I would have been married a long time ago as she is well aware. An interesting angle to your story would be why I left her rather than the signing of the papers issue."

The wife denied that she was the one stalling the proceedings.

"The person who has been stalling the whole process is him. He has been refusing to declare things. Even my lawyers, they know that he was the reason everything has not been finalised."

She said she responded on the social network because the husband wrote an open letter about the state of their marriage on Facebook.