'It's nice to act crazy at times‚ I love it' - Rami Chuene

Actress Rami Chuene
Actress Rami Chuene

Fans seem to latch on to whatever role actress Rami Chuene portrays and the actress has explained that it is because she manages to bring out the element of crazy in each of her characters‚ and that she is constantly working to make them believable.

The actress‚ who is just as bubbly in real-life told TshisaLIVE that her characters not only make it “easy” for her to give impressive performances because they allow her to be “a little crazy“.

“My characters mostly have that crazy element in them but they are great people and I enjoy it. It’s nice to act crazy at times‚ I love it. They allow me to bring to life a multi-faced human‚ one that can be everything they need to be for all situations.”

The actress has impressed audiences in every role she portrayed from her days of Pearl on Backstage to her recent‚ ever-trending performance as Gracious Mabuza (TGOM) on The Queen.

Her current role is that of a villain attempting to dethrone another woman Harriet Khoza (played by Connie Ferguson) as the main drug lord. In addition to being filthy rich and spoilt‚ TGOM won the hearts of Mzansi for her crazy side that often sees her attempting crazy stunts.

The actress said the greatest difference between her and Gracious was her wealth.

“Look‚ honey TGOM is guaped‚ she’s loaded and to have that kind of money I’d have to win the Lotto‚” she joked.

Rami‚ who is a mother of three girls Kefiloe (23)‚ Nthateng (21) and Botshelo (10)‚ said she still makes time to prepare throughly for each role but still does other things like mcing gigs and writing.

However‚ she admitted that her most important role to date remains being a mother and she never wants to slack in that area.

“To be honest my first priority is being a full time mother‚ especially to my 10-year-old girl. So I make sure I work smart‚ I sleep less and work more but ensure that all that needs to be done is done.”