Love back plea backfires for Oskido - report

30 October 2017 - 11:26
By Ngwako Malatji
Picture credit: Moeletsi Mabe
Picture credit: Moeletsi Mabe

Afro-pop singer Tina Dlangwana says house music legend Oskido wants her love again but he is "puke that I would never swallow back".

Rumour is that Tina snubbed Oskido's invite to pay him a visit at his new Centurion pad after he fled his mansion in a Midrand security estate following a fight with a girlfriend.

Oskido expressed shock at Tina's claims. He said he would never rekindle his dalliance with the artist because he has moved on and is in a different space.

He also charged that Tina has a screw loose.

"That person is mad. It's a miracle, it's a shock, I'm shocked, this is a shock. I don't know what to say," he said.

The Kawalawa Jazzmee boss hinted that he was happy with his life and better off without the songbird.

"My life is clean. I really don't want to be in that space. I'm in another space," he said.

Tina confirmed the startling tidbits when we approached her after we learnt from our deep throat that Oskido wanted to worm his way back into her panties.

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