Everyone's on the train to divorceville

16 October 2017 - 13:12
By Maditaba - Gossip Queen
Picture credit: : DAVINA JOGI
Picture credit: : DAVINA JOGI

Bathong naare, what is this spirit of divorce and separation reverberating in our entertainment industry?

First it was Unathi Msengana’s alleged separation from hubby Thomas. Allow Madi to express her devastation. She loved them as a couple. Besides, they had been together for so many years.

He was there before Unathi started  rolling  in the money. And you know how Madi knows that? Judging by Unathi’s charcoal armpits on Idols, she must have been using that LSM 4 roll-on  with the dancing figurines way back in the day before she could afford better brands. And guess what: he was there for her.

Sis Unathi, that’s a good man there, shame. Could you not have worked things out bathong? Another couple to have boarded the train to divorceville is Zwai and Melanie Bala.

Honestly, Madi knew it was only a matter of time before Melanie realised she needed to sever ties with Zwai. If Lala Hirayama could do it with Chris Nkosi so could you. We commend you for working on it for so long aus Melanie.

Anyway, good luck to all the  parties. May the one  with the best lawyer get the house. The silver lining to all this morbidity is that Slikour got married last week. Congratulations bra Slikour. She is very pretty, and here Madi thought Bonang was just a fluke!

Let’s move along. Bathong some invites are silly, waitse.

Madi wasted 30 minutes she could have been lying on her tanning bed with some BET Hip Hop  Awards  prescreening in Melville last week. Guys, if Madi  wanted to see a small screen spewing nonsensical gibberish, she would visit a braamfischerville shack and watch Generations.