Vatiswa Ndara hates the "open up the industry" phrase

Picture credit: Supplied
Picture credit: Supplied

Igazi actress Vatiswa Ndara has come out strongly over the ‘open up the industry’ phrase‚ which she believes is used too loosely without an understanding of the struggle to get jobs in the industry.

Speaking to Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral‚ the actress explained why she wouldn’t just join the bandwagon on calls to ‘open up the industry’.

“I hate that line. Can I tell you why? Because‚ I mean‚ there was this whole thing open up the industry‚ it’s not easy for actors. So if you see me in one show‚ which was probably shot last year and then you see me in something now‚ we’ve probably shot that over a month...” she said.

The Igazi firm favourite‚ who plays the evil Nomarussia‚ explained that people often don’t understand that people in the industry sometimes go for long period without jobs.

“People don’t understand and they say ‘we’re seeing the same faces over...’ Do you know how long those faces have not been working?” she asked.

Vatiswa is currently on’s The Harvest where she portrays widow called Clementine Mfona. The actress explained to Sowetan in May that she was attracted to Harvest by the criminal element in the story-line.

She added that she loves the challenge her characters give her as an actor.

“I’ve been privileged to play such crazy characters and to see how far I can go as a performer‚” she said.