Penny Penny and Limpopo chief in spat over 'free water'

Penny Penny, real name Eric Nkovani. Pic: Supplied
Penny Penny, real name Eric Nkovani. Pic: Supplied

Musician and reality star Penny Penny has appealed to his legions of fans to help him settle a long-standing feud with a chief in Giyani‚ Limpopo‚ after the pair nearly came to blows over an initiative for free water.

The pair have been at each other’s throats ever since Penny Penny came up with an initiative to provide free borehole water to the community of Giyani early last year‚ leading to protests in the area calling for the chief to step down.

Penny Penny told TshisaLIVE that he entered into a partnership with a local farmer to help provide water to the community but was apparently stopped from implementing the plan by the chief.

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“He told us that we needed to send an application and business plan before we could proceed but we were told by others that we should first survey the area to find out how much water was available and if it would be enough to run the project. We did that and it became a problem‚” Penny explained.

Penny Penny‚ who is a councillor for the area‚ claimed that the chief took him to court over the plans to survey‚ and this week prevented him from working on the borehole site. He claimed that he would not have had an issue delivering water to the people if he had bribed the chief.

“I am a great councillor that has been working hard to provide resources to my people. He has demanded R1 million from me for me to do my job. The people are angry‚” Penny Penny added.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE on Tuesday‚ Chief Nkuri‚ born Sevha Michael Maluleke‚ denied that he demanded R1 million and said that Penny Penny had not followed proper protocol.

“This is a rural area‚ nobody has money for corruption. We don’t have a problem with the free water initiative but there are certain steps that Penny must follow and he is not doing‚ that‚” the chief said.