Nasty C: People told me I wouldn’t make it because I was too shy

Rapper Nasty C. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok
Rapper Nasty C. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Rapper Nasty C has had to overcome a lot of negativity and doubt‚ including from those closest to him‚ to become one of the biggest musicians in Mzansi.

Nasty C has cemented his place at the table of the finest rappers in the country‚ despite his often shy persona.

Taking to Instagram recently‚ Nasty C revealed that he has often been criticised for shyness‚ with many telling him it would stop him from being a star.

“People told me I wouldn’t make it because I was too shy. My voice just wasn’t bold enough. I wasn’t bold enough; I didn’t have the looks. People told me that I was too soft-spoken‚ that I was too much of an introvert to do it‚” he said.

He revealed that these whispers of doubt sometimes even came from those who were closest to him.

“I could have listened to that and just stuck to the normal life and not pursue my dreams‚ not even try. (When I think of that) I reminded myself that I wake up one day and wanted to do this‚ nobody put a gun to my head and told me to pick this. I wanted to do this‚” the Hell Naw hitmaker added.

Nasty C has sometimes chosen to address the hate head-on‚ once posting a snap of himself pulling the middle finger on his haters. He told fans that he didn’t care about the hate and was just focused on his blessings.

“I get a lot of haters and people saying that I still won’t go as I think I am going. I wake up to this every morning. I don’t care what the haters say‚ I am blessed‚” he added.