Love By Chance 'delights' producers with R1.1m ticket sales in five weeks

Producers of local flick Love By Chance have shared their delight at the success of the film which has raked in over R1.1 million in ticket sales after just five weeks at the box office.

One of the movie’s  producers‚ Cati Weinek‚ confirmed to TshisaLIVE that the local film was doing “well” at the box office.

She added that she is very excited that people are watching the film and that it is still in cinemas.

“Our box office sales a week ago was confirmed at just over R 1‚1 million. We are of course delighted that the film has found an audience in South Africa and that it continues to play in cinemas‚” she said.

The film which stars Atandwa Kani and Altovise Lawrence has been in cinemas for a little over a month. The producer felt that the love story at the center of the film as well as the setting made the story worth telling.

“As a comedy it is unusual in that it reverses the usual story where Americans come to South Africa‚ but it is still a love story which everyone can relate to‚” Cait said.

Cati told TshisaLIVE that US actress Terri J Vaughn intends to come back to SA to make more movies because of the great impression she got from “strong SA talent“.

“Our South African and US cast are a key part of the success of the film and the last comment from our international lead‚ Terri J Vaughn‚ was that she would love to come back to SA and make more movies here with our strong SA talent‚” she said.