Skhumba defends his comedy: 'We have to talk about societal issues'

It’s very tricky being a comedian. Skhumba shares that timing‚ location and audience could mean the difference between going too far with a joke or winning comedy awards.

Skhumba is no stranger to public backlash and has often made headlines for joking about “sensitive issues” or being “too” controversial in his statements.

The comedian told TshisaLIVE that he loves the freedom that the stage gives him unlike TV and radio where his jokes can always come back to haunt him. He added that every comedian goes through some negative feedback and it’s all part of the “growing pains“.

“It’s very tricky to get comedy right. Sometimes you can never tell if a joke will be too insensitive or too safe. But we learn as we go‚” he said.

Skhumba said that making jokes about societal issues is a duty comedians can’t escape. He said he has learnt that the right timing‚ location and audience can make all the difference.

“I think I can freely make jokes about [Malusi] Gigaba’s “home affairs” and how Buhle Mkhize’s beauty might even give her rights to be included in the national budget‚” he joked.

However‚ the presenter said issues like the #menaretrash trend‚ that resurfaced after Karabo Mokoena was murdered‚ allegedly by her boyfriend‚ are not worth joking about.

“I would never joke about that‚ because there is a big chance of being insensitive‚ misinterpreted and just stepping over the line. Although it’s a big societal issue‚ it is not a subject I would tackle in my comedy‚” he said.

Skhumba found himself in hot water last year when he joked about a bare-breast female #feesmustfall activist.

The comedian also defended making insensitive jokes. He reasoned that everyone has a different view on what the “insensitive” means.

“Sometimes we are just take things too personal here at home‚ especially jokes that are made by local comedians. You might find people being angered by jokes just because Skhumba said it. Then when an international comedian comes and says the same joke‚ all of a sudden it’s funny‚” he said.