WATCH: 'Your death‚ Joe Mafela‚ is not good‚ is not nice' - heartfelt poem from Don Mattera

23 March 2017 - 18:18
By Tshisalive

Joe Mafela’s friend and poet Don Mattera had mourners at his memorial service on Thursday shedding a tear after he turned Joe’s popular Chicken Licken phrase into a heartfelt poem.

Don used the catchy phrase ‘it’s good good good‚ it’s good as nice’ to pen an emotional tribute to his friend.

The poet told mourners that it was not good or nice to believe that Joe was really gone.

He described the life and times of Joe Mafela in the poem‚ talking about how it was ‘good and nice’ when Joe was born and how it is not ‘good and nice’ now that he is gone.

It was an emotionally-charged day as hundreds of friends‚ family members and industry colleagues gathered at the Joburg Theatre to pay tribute to Joe Mafela.

The veteran actor who died in a car accident on Saturday night will be given a funeral service next Wednesday.