Sexier Nandi returns to small screen

08 March 2017 - 11:28
By Emmanuel Tjiya

Actress, singer and presenter Nandi Madida will make her television comeback tomorrow after her maternity leave.

Madida revealed that after giving birth to her baby boy Shaka in November, she's feeling fearless and sexier than ever.

Madida, who is married to musician Zakes Bantwini, added that she loved motherhood and that it had made her less of a control freak.

"Motherhood is fantastic. My son is very entertaining, which is exactly what I wished for. Just today, to let you in on a milestone, he rolled around everywhere, which freaked me out.

"He's already naughty and it should not be like this at three months. He really is quirky with lots of energy," Madida shared.

"I used to be a control freak before. I always liked to plan and be extra careful. I had to let that go. I just live life now.

"Strangely, I feel sexier. I don't know if it's because of the new boobs, you know when you have milk in your boobs.

"I love my body and never thought of this. I think my fans will see that in my career as well."

Madida will rejoin her co-host Ayanda Thabethe on the weekly entertainment show BET A-List.

Skeem Saam actress Amanda du-Pont has been filling in for Madida during her time off. She says she missed her crew and entire team.

"Viewers can expect fireworks, but more than anything I just want to inspire other females that you can still balance your home life and love your career. I think a lot of the time we feel guilty in terms of going back to work," she said.

"It is definitely going to be different this time around. It's so strange but after having my son I almost feel fearless. It's almost like a rebirth at the same time with this energy that I have."

Madida has managed to shed off the baby weight very fast and has returned to her slimmed-down figure. What is her secret?

"I don't like putting pressure on other females. We all have different types of body - my genes played a part. A lot of females tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves because they feel that they have failed because their bodies are not going back quick enough," Madida pointed out.

"But also I'm Zulu, you know that belt? The minute I went to KwaZulu-Natal, they were like 'you know what to do'. I think it also had to do with the traditional African way of doing things in terms of my stomach."

Madida will soon jet off to Paris to give a talk at a conference to empower women with natural hair. It will be hosted by the National Hair Academy.