Actress Brenda Ngxoli to name her pigs after her haters

Actress Brenda Ngxoli has no time for haters in her life.

In fact Brenda has come up with an entertaining plan to deal with her critics.

Taking to social media‚ Brenda explained that she had decided to ignore people who provoke her.

“Whenever people are provoking me‚especially from the industry‚ I will keep quiet cause my mom said I should. One day the truth will be revealed and I will be aware‚” she said.

Instead she has decided to console herself by naming her pigs after her haters.

“I can’t wait to get home so I can go crazy naming my haters after my pigs‚” she added.

Whenever abantu bendigezela...esp Abe Industry ndivela ndithule (wathi uMama uboThula Mandlangisa .One day inyani izovela).... ndibe ndisazi: "cant wait to get home ndizothiya these Haters after my Pigs!!! As nibona andizuthiya heehaaaaa!


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