Aewon Wolf plans a 'run away' with young artist on Coke Studio

Aewon Wolf makes a hit on Coke Studio. Picture Credit: Supplied/ Coke Studio
Aewon Wolf makes a hit on Coke Studio. Picture Credit: Supplied/ Coke Studio

Popular rapper Aewon Wolf breaks out of his comfort zone this week on Coke Studio. And it's all because of Jade!

The Wolf Pack muso teams up with rising star Jade McDonald in the Coke Studio to create a catchy hit, entitled Run Away.

And while fans will no doubt watch with intrigue as the rapper tries to merge his signature style into a pop song, what many might not know is that the fusion is also only the second time that Aewon has worked with someone from outside of his hometown.

"I am from Durban and I usually only work with artists from Durban. That's, like, usually what I do," he revealed to TshisaLIVE in a chat recently.

Jade is from Pretoria. But that hasn't stopped Aewon from singing the young artist's praises.

"She's incredible. As much as she might not be well-known in the industry, she probably has done more gigs than the average artist because she is a jazz vocalist that does sessions all the time. She's very professional and knows her stuff," Aewon told us.

Aewon says that the track is about a break-up and comes from watching relationships around him.

"I always write songs from experiences around me. The song is about letting go of a girl when a relationship has gone sour and you have no choice but to go your separate ways," Aewon said.

But despite its heavy theme, Aewon hopes fans can relate and enjoy the song as much as the duo enjoyed making it.

"I want people to relate to the song and have a connection with the song on a personal level. If you can do that and still have a good time, my job is done," Aewon added.

That's not the only momentous occasion in the Coke Studio this week.

The second fusion will feature two up and coming artists who impressed the show's producers so much that they used them for the season's theme song.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE at the launch of Coke Studio in August, artists Lisa Good and Bergie Fresh said that they were excited at the opportunity to introduce themselves to the nation and show their talent.

The pair team up with producer Sticky to create the infectious What Goes Around. But not before they get caught in a rather, uh, sticky situation.

We're not going to spoil the surprise, but this is one fusion you don't want to miss!

Coke Studio airs on Saturdays,, 6:05pm.

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