Enhle Mbali defends 'black face' post amidst backlash

Actress and businesswoman Enhle Mbali has had to weather massive criticism from her fans following a recent post of herself wearing a darker skin shade.

In the midst of the #BlackLivesMatter trend‚ Enhle took to Instagram to post a video‚ which she says shows that all black lives matter.

She posted a thought-provoking caption with the picture‚ encouraging woman to embrace their skin colour.

“Black lives matter in all shades!! When the color of the berry matters not ‚ but how sweet it is does. THAT WILL BE THE DAY LOVE WINS #NaChocolate #GhanaWecare #AfricaWecare #AmericaWecare #Worldwecare #weAreOne #filtersforAllkindsOfBrown. When we love ourselves enough to start bleaching browner‚ when our love for us gets black lives to matter even more. When? TODAY‚ she wrote.

But her post was soon inundated with comments from her followers‚ many of them sharing their disapproval of Enhle’s decision to make herself appear darker.

Fans called the post “offensive“‚ “disrespectful” and even “cringe worthy“‚ forcing Enhle to respond to the tirade of negative comments.

She defending her post‚ asking her followers to focus on the message she was sharing and not the video she had posted.

“As I’m happy it invokes emotional impact‚ I hope the true essence of this message and everything in the picture‚ when analysed further than the color of the woman’s (me)‚ has come across. Your reaction is my point. We care so much about skin “berry” that forget its essence “sweetness ” . We love yellow bones forgetting‚ chocolate caramel and vanilla have the same Essences !!“

She went on to encourage woman to get to the point where they can “stop being offended with trivial things and deal with real issues“‚ before apologising for any offence her “interpretation in the matter” might have caused.