Dineo Moeketsi lashes out at a fan over piracy of movies

It’s no secret that piracy is a pain for most artists‚ so even the slightest suspicion of it‚ will most certainly have them up in arms. Take Dineo Moeketsi for instance.

The TV personality‚ who stars in the blockbuster Mrs Right Guy‚ expressed her disappointment in a fan — who asked Dineo whether the film was available on the internet‚ in the comments section of a recent Instagram post of herself and fellow cast members.

In response‚ Dineo chided the fan after assuming that she wanted to obtain the movie illegally.

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“It’s very sad that you don’t think our movie is not worth you spending money on it and that you’d rather devalue it by pirating it‚” she wrote.

“Our movie is in cinemas so that it can’t be pirated by you. Please don’t bother looking for it on the Internet‚ it’s ONLY in cinemas cause we worked damn hard to put it there.”

However‚ the fan revealed that she’s currently in Zimbabwe‚ and therefore could not see the film at the cinema as it is not available there yet. She further explained that she was was willing to pay “$5 to watch it” online.

Subsequently‚ Dineo apologised to the fan‚ claiming that it is necessary for them to be “vigilant cause many are trying to see [the] film for free‚” shortly after pointing out that they are waiting for distributors in the rest of Africa to reveal where the film will be made available.

Well that was awks...